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Why are some countries richer than others essay

by serg472
27 August 2018
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is decided by many different factors.

Hisher earnings rise by a factor or more. The essay potential of GDP also grows exponentially. On the are other hand this whole activity proves to be way more difficult for the so called poor countries. He mentions that knowledge is widely available at low costs. How does globalization contribute to the wealth or poverty of nations.

The rich countries are rich means that they have higher income per capita, higher efficiency.Efficiency is one of the six goals of society.

Ib extended essay word count Why are some countries richer than others essay

can a person choose to be happy essay Method and scope The purpose of this report is to explain what happened in the last 200years to increase the world per capital income to 800 and create such a huge gap between the rich and the poor. Which then leaves policies and institutions that explains the differences between the rich and the poor countries. The temperature, but of course there are exceptions to that like The USA.

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