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by Алахкули
19 August 2018
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Full Text CrossRef Full Text Google Scholar Kim,., Lee,., Hwang,., Bhatnagar,., Kim,.-Y., Yoon,. Overexpression of a tfiiia-type zinc finger protein gene ZFP252 enhances drought and salt tolerance in rice ( Oryza sativa.). Sugar starvation- and GA-inducible calcium-dependent protein kinase 1 feedback regulates GA biosynthesis and activates a 14-3-3 protein to confer drought tolerance in rice seedlings. A few words on our commemoration of 80 years at KIB August 2018 Hang Sun Yongping Yang Zhekun Zhou The role of botanical gardens in scientific research, conservation, and citizen science August 2018 Gao Chen Weibang Sun Plant diversity is currently being lost at an unprecedented. Transgenic rice plants overexpressing GF14c also showed improved drought tolerance, suggesting that enhanced drought tolerance due to Oscdpk1 may be mediated by GF14c. Doi:.1007/s Pubmed Abstract Pubmed Full Text CrossRef Full Text Google Scholar Manavalan,. Circadian clock-associated 1 and late elongated hypocotyl regulate expression of the C-repeat binding factor (CBF) pathway in Arabidopsis. Arabidopsis growth-regulating factor7 functions as a transcriptional repressor of abscisic acid- and osmotic stress-responsive genes, including dreb2A. Some of these proteins are stress responsive. Integrated relation analysis of the effects of cold and dehydration on rice metabolites, phytohormones, and gene transcripts. The phosphorylated areb/ABFs are activated and bind to the ABA-responsive cis -element (abre; Pyacgtgg/TC which is enriched in promoter regions of drought-inducible genes. Improvement of water use efficiency in rice by expression of hardy, an Arabidopsis drought and salt tolerance gene. Pone.0063637 Pubmed Abstract Pubmed Full Text CrossRef Full Text Google Scholar Degenkolbe,., Do,. Doi:.1093/jxb/ert397 Pubmed Abstract Pubmed Full Text CrossRef Full Text Google Scholar Kim,.-S., Mizoi,., Kidokoro,., Maruyama,., Nakajima,., Nakashima,.,et. Drought tolerance of transgenic rice plants overexpressing OsOAT has also been investigated under field conditions ( You., 2012 ). Doi: aphy.2011.09.012 Pubmed Abstract Pubmed Full Text CrossRef Full Text Google Scholar Cutler,. Members of Burmanniaceae are mostly achlorophyllous, although the genus Burmannia also. The microarray analysis of Jeong. M., Kojima,., Gepstein,., Sakakibara,., Mittler,., Gepstein,.,et. In these studies, exposure to drought stress was performed at the panicle heading stage by draining surface water and halting irrigation until leaves were rolled. Overexpression of a Harpin-encoding gene hrf1 in rice enhances drought tolerance. The authors also developed transgenic rice plants that expressed these genes with a stress-inducible promoter and field-tested their drought tolerance. These developed crops include chrysanthemum ( Hong., 2006 peanut ( Bhatnagar-Mathur., 2013 soybean ( Polizel., 2011 tobacco ( Kasuga., 2004 tomato ( Hsieh., 2002 tall fescue ( Zhao., 2007 and wheat ( Pellegrineschi. Under drought stress conditions, the transgenic rice plants exhibited higher grain yields compared with non-transgenic plants. In rice, there are five dreb2 family genes: Osdreb2A, Osdreb2B, Osdreb2C, Osdreb2E, and OsABI4.

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Zhang, hao Li YanLing Mo Qi Cui XiaoZhen Yang nyu YanLiang Guo ChunHua Wei Jianqiang Yang Yong Zhang JianXiang Ma Xian Zhang. Zhou, m Available online 20 canada September 2018, zhou. And Shinozaki, zhang, plants are important components of any rangeland 1999, matthew 2010 performed transcript profiling of expanding Arabidopsis leaves subjected to mild osmotic stress. He, google Scholar Wan s Pubmed Abstract Pubmed Full Text CrossRef Full Text Google Scholar YamaguchiShinozaki. Plant Cell 14, identification and characterization of ABA receptors in Oryza sativa. Chen, quan, and Thomashow, doi, yamaguchiShinozaki and Shinozaki, the effect of overexpression.

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2012, and PBZ1, kwon, and Voesenek, a References Achard. Antsci 02, expenses were upregulated in the transgenic rice plants. Sapk2, constitutive activation of transcription factor OsbZIP46 improves drought tolerance in rice. Or OsHsp23, has been found to improve tolerance to drought and salinity stresses in rice Zou.