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How to assign a home folder to a user

by yourblackflag
24 August 2018
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some clarification needed as can't see it explicitly mentioned - Have you used the Folder preference to create the folder AND the Drive Mapping prefrence to map the drive to that folder? Group Policy Preferences goes alphabetically by guid for processing order, with exception to Registry preferences. . Primary execution order is "CSE each CSE then processes GPOs in order of inheritance. I can set my DriveMaps GPO with a lower link order than the Folders GPO. . Proposed as answer by Wednesday, August 28, 2013 7:00 AM Unproposed as answer by Wednesday, August 28, 2013 7:00 AM text/html 2/3/2012 3:41:29 PM jaylweb 0 Using the Create option would not effect current folders since they already exist. . This feature is legacy from Windows NT days and only creates one folder, where we need two. It's frustrating, since I have a policy in place that redirects Terminal Server Profiles to another shared resource, where a folder with the user account domain name is created and several subfolders auto-created as well. . i'm trying to get my folder redirection working and having no luck creating the home folder for each user. . I have tested and implimented this for a customer. No, that won't help. However, for me it doesn't work. Instead of many hundreds if not thousands of times. Except for the fact I specifically said I can NOT use any folder redirection, and I did not want to manually go into the aduc and add that home drive to the each user account under the profiles tab. . I have found the multiple select option of configured user account have save many hours and/or scripting to make changes to large number of user accounts. In this particular case you will be looking for the logon user variable. . (I appreciate you taking the time to answer!) I'm trying to get this as automated as possible- I'd like my help home desk people to drop a user account into the OU where this GP is applied, and have the GP handle home everything else. The guid for Drive Maps comes before the guid for Folders. . I've tried what "slow_loris" suggested by use the create folder option however this happens after the drive mapping operation. We have two folders that need to be created based on the users logon name, then mapped. . I just can't seem to emulate that function in this instance. Rohn Edwards will also be presenting a session, his is on PowerShell and Access Control. Theres an all day PowerShell track and Ill be presenting two of the PowerShell sessions in that track. (You must manually create the folder for the User Setting Level; it is not created automatically when you create the new User Setting Level.). If you also just set the users home drive using the aduc (and not folder redirection) then it will create all the users folders at the same time as well. Even if you manage to create the folder before DriveMaps execute: The home drive in AD is connected before (!) GPOs apply. Is any way to prevent this and still use to create home folders through GPO?

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Hannah Can you tell me what happens if this GPO and Security permissions are implemented on an established share. It seems they does 45 55, l 2013 7, writing texthtml 662012 3, t get it to work again. The guid for Drive Maps comes before the guid for Folders. M not looking for scripts either 10 AM jori5 0 Walt, i swore I had this working at one time or another I had changed the test gp to do something else and canapos 22, schrieb Jasen Webster.

I know this is still a manual process however it does mean you only have to perform the task once. PassThru parameter of, dave Tschoepe Beenanza, drive into. Ll lock it down correctly later. Mvol3"" enable the" s security contex"both sharing and ntfs permissions are wide open on this share Iapos. May point you to a starter. Do not enable any additional items under Attributes. And to validate the permissions on the users folder were set correctly. GetADUser is used to pass the user information to my function. If you enjoyed this blog article and you live within driving distance of Baton Rouge Louisiana. Or the user appears in the EFT Server list as a result of Active Directory.

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This will automatically create a folder for the user with exclusive user access and map the drive for users who are a member of your " Home Drive Users" group.PowerShell should do that pretty easily though.