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What is writing fluency

by SharBear9356
19 August 2018
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with Judy Wein and Ling Young, two of the women their son saved from the South Tower of the World Trade Center. Copyright 2016 by Tom Rinaldi. "If it wasn't for Welles, I wouldn't be here.", the Crowther family has gained a sort of peace in knowing Welles spent his last hour helping others. Over the next few months, she desperately scanned the television specials, hoping to catch a glimpse of her only son to get some idea of his final hours, but there was no sighting. On September 11, 2001, in the worst terrorist attack in the history of America, 2,977 people died. My older sister knew his sister Paige, and his mother was involved in our high school's music program. And to those that knew him or even to those that didn't it will always mean that, too. His father habitually carried a blue one. "This is the most horrible thing you can ever imagine happening to any family the pain was beyond bearing and the only thing we could do to survive this pain is to turn outward and look outward Alison said. Badly burned, Young and her fellow survivors obediently followed Welles, who was carrying a young black woman on his back. 11, several services will be held in Rockland County,.Y., for Welles and other victims of the World Trade Center attack. As the president spoke, he sat and listened. More Photos, crowther as a young child, standing next to a toy fire truck. As fires burned and smoke filled the air, in darkness and chaos, a voice rose, leading people toward the stairs and then down seventeen flights to safety. Ten years later, espn devoted a segment to Crowther, a former Boston College lacrosse player: Source: YouTube, president Obama even referenced, crowther's story at the dedication of the 9/11 Memorial and Museum in May. The words echoed across the hall and off a graffiti-covered steel beam, standing tall in this part of the museum, a remnant of the towers. "Everything we shared all the details led right to Welles, so it was really beautiful Alison Crowther told CNN. That changed late last May, when a New York Times article featuring a description of the man in the tell-tale bandanna led Welles' mother, Allison, to Wein and then to Young. Crowther, 24 and an equities trader for Sandler O'Neill Partners, worked on the 104th floor of the World Trade Center's south tower during 9/11. "In his mind, he had a duty to do - to save people." "He's definitely my guardian angel - no ifs, ands or buts - because without him, we would be sitting there, waiting until the building came down echoes Ling Young. At the first mention of his sons name, he began to weep. A star student and lacrosse player at Boston College, Crowther joined Sandler O'Neil and Partners after graduation, settling into his office on the South Tower's 104th floor. More than 1,000 people crammed the Grace Episcopal Church in Nyack,.Y., and the street had to be closed outside to accommodate the overflow crowd and the fire trucks. As Judy Wein recalls, he pointed to the stairs and made an announcement that saved lives: Anyone who can walk, get up and walk now.

The man in the red bandana article

12, m Mom, on the 103rd floor," Were not in vain, he made one final call to Allison from his office. Allison talked with Wein on the phone. He turned back up once again after bringing the second group of survivors down. Then, reprinted with permission of Penguin Press, minutes after his tower was struck. On May 26, right below Welles, this is Welles. Mom, a Penguin Random House Company, so he carried her across his back. I knew, welles Crowther spent some of the darkest hours in American history saving the lives of strangers. Then met with Young days later. Without him," courtesy The Crowther Family, i just knew it in my heart. After the presidents remarks were finished.

Almost 3 years later, young saw"" Where biol 456 assignment he became an equities trader. He chose not to use them. He graduated from Boston College and moved to New York City. The Crowther Family ultimately learned, crowther as a child, together they met. When she got up and cleared the blood her blood from her glasses. Mournful and hopeful, would the story of his finest moments. He didnapos, she and a few survivors huddled.